The F has an above average movie mode. Options are Low, High, and Off. The camera fits well in your hands, and you can easily use it with one hand. When you press the shutter release button halfway, the camera locks focus in under a second, though it does have trouble in low light. The FinePix F has very good photo quality, for the most part. No comments have been written yet.

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Final 4 is different; you hold down the shutter release and the camera will finepix f401 up to 25 photos still with the 0.

Fujifilm FinePix F – – The free camera encyclopedia

Finepix f401 included neck strap is great for keeping the camera securely around your neck, but I’d recommend a small camera bag for better protection when traveling. Open Innovation Hub Showcasing Fujifilm’s core technologies and products developed g401 integrating these finepix f401. You cannot use the optical zoom during filming, though the digital zoom works okay. A leaked specification table reveals the upcoming Samsung flagship’s camera setup in detail. How Does it Compare?

When you look at the images on the screen — especially those taken at the 4MP interpolated setting — you will see noise, artifacts, and “jaggies”. Fuji estimates that you should be able to take approximately photos with the LCD on, or with the LCD off, on a single charge. While it does feature thumbnail mode, DPOF print finepix f401, zoom and findpix, and 30 second voice memos, it lacks the common slide show feature.

I highly recommend picking up a larger card, given finepix f401 F’s 2, x 1,pixel maximum images size.


Menu options in finepix f401 mode include:. The Super CCD technology provides up to 1, ISO sensitivity at the one-megapixel resolution with slightly less image noise than you’d expect from a digicam with a conventional sensor. There is no auto focus illuminator on finepix f401 F, unfortunately.

With a 3x zoom lens, the F is a versatile camera, and finepic interpolated 4.

Detail was good, though soft, on the coins, brooch, and dollar bill. Media Card Compatibility finepix f401 For a complete list of compatible media cards for your digital camera, please click the link to f41 our worldwide website.

Fujifilm FinePix F401 – Digital Camera

The FinePix F Zoom can also record audio, boasting a second voice caption feature. LCD finepix f401 is adjustable via the setup menu. One thing I don’t like about all these small finepix f401 cameras is that they tend to scratch easily.

The sculpted power switch also serves as a finger grip when holding the camera in shooting position. Oct 3, 90 finepix f401.

Fujifilm FinePix F Zoom. Selecting automatically sets resolution to 1. The resulting images show slightly more detail when printed than do images from conventional 2-megapixel cameras, but the finepix f401 of detail is still nowhere near that achieved by cameras having true 4-megapixel sensors.

Fujifilm FinePix F Zoom: Digital Photography Review

Oct 1, mobile. Microsoft quietly unveiled the next generation of products in its Surface lineup, including the Finepix f401 Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, and Surface Studio 2. The 2MP finepix f401 will usually not have these problems, since there is no interpolation going on. Northwest of the lens is the flash. Though the F’s color performance wasn’t quite up to the level I’ve come to finepix f401 from Fuji, it was still pretty good, making the camera an appealing option for the novice looking for a very compact digicam that produces nice images.


For power, the camera uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack or an AC adapter, both of which are included with the camera.

Fujifilm FinePix F401 Zoom

What you see here could easily be finepix f401 in software. Introduction Over the last several years, Fuji’s design finepix f401 has finepix f401 a strong line of compact, stylish digicams that continue to impress in terms of color fiinepix and image quality. The F is a pretty small camera Since the camera has a built-in and stylish lens cover, there are no lens cap worries. The F’s autofocus uses a contrast-detection system, and ranges from two feet 60 centimeters fnepix infinity in normal mode.

To overcome the photographer’s bugbear of shutter lag, the Finepix f401 F Zoom introduces a new Cycle Shot feature, which ensures you never miss a shot by saving a series of frames before you press the shutter. The most obvious distortion was in the form of corner softness, finepix f401 the most visible ifnepix found in the Fijepix test shot and House poster.

At the same time, Fuji continues to offer a nice collection of features, finepix f401 keeping user interfaces comfortable for the novice.