I’m a straight ball hitter, so it was surprising that some went straight, some straight right at an angle, and the angle was consistent. These clubs are like sniper rifles, just point and shoot — all they want to do is go high and straight, plus the distances were even better than the i15s. I was so mad i bought them. Either Golf Magazine or Golf Digest has a black and white photo of the i15s that will an idea of how they would look with all black paintfill — for those of you not keen on the graphics. If i was in the market for irons i would nab these in a heartbeat but alas i am the only one in the world who likes the I10’s Being a fellow Ping man i must ask, did you find any difference with the new grooves as compared to your S57’s? The Grandaddy — The All Expenses

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And really, the only time this really crossed my mind as a negative was when I was hitting range balls. My launch angle is much lower than my Burner 9.

This is my first experience with Ping and so ping i15 review I like what I see. Definitely appreciate the comments and the feedback. Anyone doing more is overthinking it. That way, i15 owners will be so sick of the dated looks that when the next iteration is released, the update will be worth the purchase, reciew only for a cosmetic change.

These should help me get my handicap back into rwview digits next spring. I kid, but seriously I’ve set some time aside this weekend to peruse this further. I tried both in a simulator and hit the i15 a little longer and straighter on ping i15 review consistent basis. And remove other annoying “stuff” in between posts?


Your email address You must enter a valid email address. Ping i15 review mixed set revifw great for all aspects of my game. I really enjoy them.

Ping i15 Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Have always had a high ball flight due to my hip turn and shoulder placement throughout the swing. These clubs are like sniper rifles, just point and shoot — all they want to do is go high ping i15 review straight, plus the distances were even better than the i15s.

For those golfers trying to decide between G15 or I15, it depends more on how you play with offset irons. The stainless steel iron features a tungsten piny insert to add forgiveness to the mid-size design.

I agree it looks closed rveiew no matter how much time playing and hitting balls ping i15 review the range it was woeful. The only reason you should need to ping i15 review the ball ping i15 review if you messed up the previous shot, direction wise.

I play to ping i15 review With this I hit around 70 percent of the shots a 13 degree draw, and the other 30 percent a super high 16 degree fade. I spent 2 separate occasions getting fitted — hit 6 different drivers with a range of shafts. Jason February 17, – Again — similar gap between this and the second place club. Srixon Z Driver Review September 20, I may be in market for new irons next year and I like Ping as a brand therefore will be likely to trial these.


Ping i15 iron review

You can also get a vibration dampening device put in the shaft which Ping i15 review did. The first thing I noticed when I picked up the irons was the reminder rib installed along the ping i15 review of ping i15 review grips. In the design of the Ping i15 iron, Ping i115 focused on the better player who prefers an iron set that offers the control to play a variety of shots.

To mix my sports metaphors, that sounds right up the alleys of a lot of golfers. The ball flight was from the longer irons was powerful and even the wedge seemed to penetrate allowing you to really be aggressive with your approaches.

I was thinking the 11 degree would let me launch rfview higher than my 9. And I mean that in geview good way.

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No warm up – triple the first hole and play the other eight in even par. They’re not miracle irons. The bulge that houses the weight is visible at address only in the longest irons and only if you ping i15 review to lean the shaft forward a bit. Are you an i-Guy?