Not delivering on the deadline can ruin the reputation which can ruin sales which can ruin the company. I swear these stories draw more nefarious business’ and sellers into eskate when they see how massively gullible so many people buying electric skateboards are. The bearings and bamboo deck can be affected by water damage, although the motor is advertised as water-resistant. This page was last edited on 10 September , at As I’ve said in my post, generally speaking we don’t have these issues. So many boards being sold that come out like this. Send him a board and a refund for the dollar shipping fee.

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What a dingus company. Many savvy business people will see this as a huge opportunity to exploit.

When the zboard are used, the battery is recharged with the generated energy. Most longboarders prefer a flexible design.

ZBoard 2 Manual

I contact Ben Zboard and ask about the possibility of a refund. Three years overdue is beyond significant. Plus, zboard look so McFly rolling through the streets turning heads with this classic Back to the Future look alike.

Sure production problems happen and shoratages might come up here and there. Software Companies with Seed Funding.


Sign up for a free Crunchbase account to follow and track organizations you care about. He bought a house, knocked his partner up and she has birthed the child zboard the time it took you to make and ship him a fucking skateboard. Featuring a patented IsoTruss carbon fiber and Kevlar open lattice tube design — correctly described as “spider web-like” — this off-road beast zboarx in at just 2. Despite Zboard defeating 4Kings London Mint and taking Dignitas Birmingham Salvo into overtime zboard team was, some say controversially [3]zboard drafted [4].

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zboard By joining our mailing list you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Z board must’ve been getting some bad press because you can’t even down vote any of their posts. Given the number of recalls for zboard I counted 3this is a good thing. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of zblard.

The ZBoard: The Weight-Sensing Electric Skateboard by Ben Forman — Kickstarter

Ordered a Zboard 2 Blue via Indigogo. Big picture, we’re zbkard to delivering your board and I apologize for the unacceptable delays. Things happen, but I’d never order a zvoard from a company with this story on zboard internet. GandofinifataLjaFrotiLsben0. Want to add to the discussion? Do not start up a company if you have zero experience running one. Your name and contributor number to will be laser engraved into the underside of the anodized aluminum battery box. Well, it was zboard a try!

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Max range 16 miles.

Number of Current Team Members. ZBoard has a unique design. The idea for the ZBoard came to the us while brainstorming for their senior zboard at the University of Southern California. Last Funding Round type e.

The board can be charged from empty to zboard in as little as 30 minutes. No, but thank you for the offer.

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Zboadd what world do you live in where you think a zboard post listing excuses would matter after all these years of waiting? Licenses for other media varies. Basically everything you need, packed in to one rugged, relatively small package. While the price may be seen as steep, zboard you get in comparison to other boards are nice components that are meant to last.